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Smart Management

Durham Compliance Services Ltd (DCS) is a management company. This means that we work with you to deliver value for money across a range of Fixed Building Support Services you require, engaging and managing specialist contractors to deliver both quality and value for money.

It’s flexible

You get future proofed services that flex with your changing needs.
Who knows what tomorrow may bring. Change can happen fast and your support services need to change with you. Our solutions have flexibility built in so we can adjust services or switch them on and off as required.

It’s transparent

You get confidence in knowing that you’ve always got the full picture.
Real time, detailed financial and performance reporting ensures that you always know exactly what is going on, right across your building.

It’s bespoke

You get more of the things you want and less of the things you don’t.
Through understanding your needs, the pressures you face and the way your business works, we build a solution that delivers your exact requirements.

It has shared objectives

You get someone who helps you make the right choice it’s all about you (not us). To deliver true value, a service partner has to share your objectives. We are not out to sell you a solution that suits us. We look to give you the information that allows you to properly evaluate your options and make the best choice.

It’s independent

You get the best people to do the job at the right price.

Being independent from our supply chain is vital. It allows us to select the most appropriate contractor for your particular needs. Or if you prefer, we can work with your current providers to find more efficient service strategies and negotiate best value rates. Either way, we manage service delivery and performance. And if there are any problems – they are our problems, not yours.

Information Communications Technology

Intelligent management depends upon timely and relevant information. This allows us to provide the advice that our customers rely on to make the right property and facilities management decisions.

We view IT as an enabler, something that improves and makes more efficient the service we provide and the processes we follow. It is likely that your organisation works in a different way to the next, therefore off-the-shelf software is rarely going to give you exactly what you require.

Our decision early on to employ in-house software developers allows us to provide bespoke functionality that exactly meets the needs of each individual customer. Every customer benefits from functionality that may have been developed at the request of another.

“All in all, this means that you get on-line, real-time access to the specific property and facilities management information that you really need. You also get relevant, meaningful reporting that helps you make the right choices for you and your organisation.”

Facilities management processes are typically based around three fundamental business needs:

1. To accurately capture, monitor and report on FM assets  and services in a timely fashion in order  to track and manage performance, costs,  and control quality
2. To communicate information and data to the  necessary in-house and external contractors, managers and stakeholders
3. To manage risk, opportunity and compliance with legislation

The key benefits of having documented business processes and controls to support the day-to-day operation are:

• Rapid (often  real-time) processing of information
• Improved effectiveness, efficiency and control
• Accurate reporting
• Removal of process or data duplication
• Full accountability and auditability

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