A simple approach to creating the best learning environment.

At DCS we understand that the physical environment has a big impact on learning and on your time. Our approach to Premises Management means that we are able to look after every single aspect of your premises, or just the ones you want us to.

From the fundamentals that keep you legally compliant to a complete – premises management solution, we’ll ensure you get the right support at the right time – it’s that simple. That way you get to focus on what you do best.

It’s what we do best.

There are high expectations of those in leadership and management positions of academies given the vital role they play in securing the health, safety and welfare of students. Effective guidance issued by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has ensured increased vigilance whilst students are in school or on school trips. The less positive news is that when it comes to looking at the impact of the building on staff and student health, safety and welfare the level of awareness is much lower.

This relative lack of awareness is understandable. One explanation being that as far as responsibility is concerned there has been a blurred line between school governors or board of directors the Head Teacher and the business management team , largely responsible for day to day issues and the Local Authority. In academies however the governors or board of directors are ultimately accountable for compliance. Budget allocation and controls need to ensure appropriate maintenance, reactive works and future replacements. Academy conversion is here to stay but with it can come a legacy of unresolved compliance issues.

Managing Compliance

An emphasis on an effective and robust health, safety and risk management compliance system is essential. The system should take in to account actions that are appropriate and proportionate to the size, activities and identified risks of the school and by ensuring that those in a leadership position have appropriate levels of knowledge and training.

It is not surprising that many people, particularly those with a limited experience of maintenance and compliance regimes, find the subject somewhat overwhelming. Given the critical nature of this aspect of school management it is essential to understand just what the legal requirements are in terms of managing a building. Largely they relate to any aspect of the school that involves gas, mechanics, electricity, fire-alarm systems, and plumbing, as well as aspects of the construction that are proven to be unsafe.

In many respects managing compliance is as much about regular maintenance checks as it is about keeping records of that activity.

When it comes to recording these maintenance checks and producing the relevant documentation at time of audit, the responsibility is very much in the hands of the school business management team and the Head Teacher.

IT systems can play a part in resolving the record keeping challenge. Scheduling maintenance, managing contractors and recording costs have long been allocated and managed by help-desks backed by software applications. This joined-up approach to maintenance management is aimed at tracking progress and improving the efficiency of the process. Our experience of working with schools has shown us how valuable this can be. Some of the schools we work with readily admit that in the past, although a boiler may have been serviced twice a year, record keeping was such that it made it impossible to prove.

Individual school requirements may vary depending on the size and complexities of the assets. For some schools compliance is made all the more complex because of on-site catering facilities and the sheer volume of equipment in gyms or science labs, and of course there is asbestos which is a subject all of its own. Any school, no matter its size, has a duty of care to its students and staff that extends to the impact of the building on health, safety and welfare.

Facilities Asset Management for Schools

DCS brings to schools its extensive experience, expertise and reputation for the delivery of high quality, innovative support services, working alongside you to ensure you get quality and value for money.
We are committed to supporting the learning environment and want to make sure that you are getting the most from your budget. Every school is different, therefore requires different support, but the services we offer have been designed to allow you to select the services most appropriate for you. We support and encourage schools to work collaboratively in clusters by providing solutions which ensures efficiency and value for money for all parties.

Overall our customers rely on our services to provide independent advice and processes that they can rely on to deliver reliability and value.

There is no hard-sell, we encourage a conversation; and if there is something that we can do to help, great.

Facilities Asset Management for Academy’s

Whether you’re a single academy or part of a multi-academy trust, we provide an honest and transparent service that supports your challenges; whether that’s managing time, budget, risk or maybe all three of these.

We work with academies when making the step change from local authority control to independence, providing a solution that makes available a wealth of experience and expertise so they don’t have to look far for advice and support when it comes to premises management. Selecting the right partners will ensure that core business functions such as Premises Management has a clear and consistent service delivery strategy so laying the foundations for strong governance and control.

Facilities Asset Management for Colleges & Universities

Further and higher education establishments are facing a number of issues surrounding the provision of property estates, facilities management and building services. Government and local authority funding is being reduced which puts a squeeze on budgets, forcing efficiency savings to be made.
The range of services we provide can assist on-site teams in managing services and costs more effectively. If you have an in-house team, outsourcing services often sees savings in the region of 25% realised. If you are looking to outsource, the expertise of our procurement team may well be useful or if you have already outsourced, an independent review of services and suppliers may uncover additional areas that could realise further savings.

Yes, you can outsource a range of services to us, but DCS is not all about outsourcing large single or multi-site contracts. Our expertise delivers benefits to customers in all guises, facing all sorts of challenges.

Corporate (Offices & Commercial Buildings)

Office and commercial property comes in all shapes and sizes, and within these spaces, any number of activities can be taking place.

Whether it’s an office, a manufacturing site, an airport or a library, each one of these environments needs its own specific set of facilities management and maintenance services to make it work efficiently. That’s where DCS comes in.

Our service solutions deliver flexible, professional support in a way that fits in with your organisation, letting you concentrate on carrying out your business or activities. Our services are proven to deliver across almost any location. The key is understanding the operation of each particular environment, the critical factors that make it work and the culture of our customers organisation.

There is no one size fits all, every one of our customers is unique, therefore every one of our intelligent service solutions is unique.

Retail (Shops, Stores, Retail Outlets, Shopping Mall’s)

The retail sector is dynamic, fast paced and constantly changing, demanding high availability and services that enhance the customer experience. Keeping ahead of the game is essential to success and the sector expects the same from its supply chain.

Like never before, shoppers are looking for value. Competition is fierce, with brands fighting for attention, and the internet is only a click away. Those that win through are the retailers that concentrate on providing a customer experience that ensures they spend and that they keep coming back.
DCS has unrivalled expertise in managing and delivering store maintenance and property solutions that enable retailers to do just that.

Our flexible menu of services allows you to choose the elements that work best for you and customise them to fit in with the way that best works for your organisation. Our bespoke solutions help you and your organisation to perform.

Whether you have a handful of stores or a nationwide portfolio we deliver real, measurable  value to your organisation

Hospitality (Restaurants, Pubs, Leisure Facilities) 

The hospitality sector is constantly evolving to anticipate and reflect changing customer tastes and expectations. Successful companies within this space spot the trends and align themselves with partners that strive to work with them over the long term.

DCS has significant experience in providing the flexible support demanded by the hospitality sector. Delivering safe, reliable, round the clock planned and reactive maintenance services that maintain brand image and reduce operating costs.

Flexibility is key to the solutions we offer, allowing you to select the elements that work best for you and fit in with the way that your organisation works. Individually designed and purposed to deliver, our solutions provide real, demonstrable value to your operation whether it’s a handful of pubs or restaurants or a nationwide portfolio.

Whether you take one service or multiply the benefits and combine services, you will enjoy a single, joined up approach that supports your operational and strategic facilities management and property goals.

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