ICT Systems

ICT Systems Technology 

DCS have developed an ERP cloud based software system (GATEWAY) based around three fundamental business needs:

  1. To accurately capture, monitor and report on client assets (air conditioning equipment, gas fired appliances, fire alarm systems etc) and services in a timely fashion in order to track and manage performance, costs and control quality.
  2. To communicate information and data to the necessary internal management team, external specialist contractors and clients.
  3. To manage risk and compliance with health and safety legislation.

The key benefits of having documented business processes and controls to support the day-to-day operation are:

  • Rapid (often real time ) processing of information
  • Improved effectiveness, efficiency and control
  • Accurate reporting
  • Removal of process or date duplication
  • Full accountability and audit ability

There is an ever increasing volume of legislation, standards and codes of practice with which the Building Owner has to comply. As well as ensuring that all appropriate legislation is being complied with, the necessary records and supporting information must be in place. This then provides a strong and defensible position should an incident occur. In many of the Acts and Regulations relating to building services, non compliance can result in prosecution. To this end GATEWAY has been developed to enable information in the form of reports/certificates to be disseminated to one central storage point, which supports in the management of data, storage for stipulated periods, shared access, data retrieval etc.

GATEWAY is a web-based system, which provides the client, via a web browser and access code, with information specific to their building. This system provides access to all building compliance/maintenance information, orders, invoices, quotations and reports/certificates. It will also provide a vehicle for two-way communication on all property related matters.

Contractors will also be given limited access so that information can be input onto the system at source, so removing the process of double handling. GATEWAY serves a central role in improving communication between DCS Ltd the Client and Contractor. Critical operational data is to be made available, on demand, in real time, to users in any location. It will provide;

  • One point of contact
  • Impartiality
  • Transparency
  • Central control of information
  • Central accessible storage point 24/7
  • Ownership
  • Cohesive approach to management and delivery of service
  • Reduction in non value process
  • Ease of communication